Give Your Customers What They Need to

Make Their New Home... Theirs

Start with a Great Membership and a Great Shopping Experience

A Valued Customer Membership Gift Card reminds your client of you each and every time they pull it out of their drawer, purse or wallet and is meant to last a lifetime.

Digital Card

Be green and digital.  A digital version of our popular program card, it is designed to highlight yourself and your company each and every day in the digital wallet space of any smart phone, tablet or desktop.

Membership Card

Membership Card


Physical Card

This attractive yellow 30mm plastic card is designed to highlight yourself and your company each and every day while it rests in a wallet, drawer or on a desktop ready to be utilized for that next important purchase.

Membership Card

Membership Card


Next, start the long-term retention

Nothing says "Thank You" like getting your client started on their home purchases.  By giving a gift card of any denomination, the participation rate of SMS users is 92%; it starts the entire program and makes it possible to have them as YOUR client for years.

Finally, Giving Back

We believe in giving back to those who need it the most.  All proceeds will go to the following charities, we don't keep anything.  Give if you can.


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Silent Marketing Solution is a proven and personalized branded-by-you real estate closing gift program and long-term customer retention tool trusted by many agents and brokers across the country.  ©2011-2020 Seusee, LLC dba Silent Marketing Solution.  All rights Reserved.

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