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Still in high school, Michael became a licensed agent in early 1991. By graduation from High School (in June), Michael was winning “Top Lister” and “Top Agent” awards at his company, Benton’s Real Estate.


One of his first sales was the home of one of his high school teachers. He would later discover that he made more that year than she did, further solidifying his decision to make real estate his career.


When asked “Why Real Estate”, he’ll tell you it’s because no other profession in the world offers the freedom income potential that real estate does.


“Having a real estate license is like having a license to print money”

– Michael Hellickson

Mike Bjorkman

Real Estate

As an agent who regularly closes over $1,000,000 GCI on over 100 transactions/year, I needed a coach that would BLOW ME AWAY with their production as an agent, their systems and tools, and the ability to help me double my production.  At over 100 listings/sales per month, Michael Hellickson is not only the most successful agent on the planet, he is the only coach on the planet who is so confident in his systems and techniques that he’ll GUARANTEE you DOUBLE YOUR INCOME!

Kristi Locks

Avanti Real Estate

I recently had the pleasure of hearing Michael Hellickson speak at the Five Star Short Sale conference in Las Vegas. I was blown away by the abundance of information he so impressively covered during his presentation. I’ve been to a number of conferences in my professional career, but can honestly say that Michael’s approach is the best bar none. I can also thank Michael for the quantities of contacts he has so willingly sent my way. Having just started my own Real Estate Company last year, it was crucial that I surrounded myself with the best in the industry in order to succeed. I would like to personally thank Michael for everything he has taught me thus far, and I can’t wait for the ways in which he will motivate me in the future.